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That said, we'd love to hear from you!

Rebellious Magazine for Women will build monthly issues around a central question.
March's theme, i.e., was: What Makes You Rebellious?

We'll update content weekly and include a mix of stories that both are and aren't around the central theme, so feel free to pitch stories about absolutely anything: book/movie/music reviews; profiles of Rebellious Chicago women; travel pieces; restaurant reviews, you tell us.

We're looking for theme essays around 200-300 words and articles up to 600 words. But we're flexible. The deadline for each issue is generally the last Friday of the month before.

Please be sure to include an idea of how we'll illustrate your story: photos, graphics, artwork, etc. Submit your pitch using the form at right or email editor@rebelliousmagazine.com.

Here's a list of our upcoming issues.

What Are You Wearing? (The Fashion Issue)
Deadline: Friday, July 26

September: What's Your Guilty Pleasure?
Deadline: Friday, August 30

October: How Are You Feeling? (The Health/Fitness Issue)
Deadline: Friday, September 27

November: Who Inspires You? (The Admiration Issue)
Deadline: Friday, October 25

December 2013/January 2014: And Then What Happened? (The Fiction Double Issue)
Deadline: Friday, November 29

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