Are you independent?

Independence means different things to all of us. As the country celebrates Independence Day, we take the opportunity to ponder what it means for women.

Are we truly independent? Should we even aspire to be? And how does our commitment to being independent play out in our lives?

This month, our Rebellious writers tackle will these ideas along with full coverage of the Chicago Force women's football team as they continue their playoff run. Never been a fan because you secretly don't understand the game? No worries, we've got you covered with a football cheatsheet and player position primer.

We also encourage you to check out our new Calendar/Feminist Agenda under Events. If you've got something you think we should list, email calendar (at)

In Rebellion,

Karen Hawkins*

*Yep, that's my real full name. And yep, I really do have a Hello Kitty briefcase.


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