Karen Hawkins
Karen Hawkins is a recovering mainstream media reporter who wants to thank her former boss for naming the online magazine she's always wanted to start when he called her “Rebellious” for taking too many weekends off. When she isn't instigating a media Rebellion, she's thanking her lucky starlets she no longer works weekends.

Alicia Sowisdral
Alicia Sowisdral is a music lover, movie lover and book lover with a critical eye and a feminist heart. An interdisciplinary artist and educator, when opportunities arise Alicia finds herself a writer, editor, performer, radio DJ, and cultural commentator, particularly on pop culture and the media. She blogs about such things at PopGoesAlicia and is a regular contributor at Love YA Lit

Jessica Vealitzek
Jessica Vealitzek is a Midwest writer. Her debut novel, "The Rooms Are Filled," is forthcoming on She Writes Press in 2014. You can find her blogging at True STORIES, www.jessicavealitzek.com.

Melanie Coffee
Melanie Coffee is an award-winning journalist with more than 12 years of daily journalism experience with The Associated Press as an editor and reporter. She is now freelancing in Chicago, where she covers social issues, health and education. She’s also known in the blogosphere as She’sWrite, and her blog is http://sheswrite.netwhere she talks about anything and everything and nothing at all. She’s a mom of two curly haired, sassy boys, wife of a crazy Norwegian and copious consumer of red wine. 

Vered Siegel
Vered Siegel writes advice because Abby, Amy, Ann, Carolyn, Cary, and Prudence too often miss the mark for Gen-Xers and Millennials. She hopes to offer progressive, pragmatic advice that’s not out of touch with Rebellious readers, and maybe metaphorically take someone by the shoulders and shake them when they need it. 

Megan Cottrell
Megan Cottrell is a "new mom," a term she wholeheartedly despises because it means strangers feel completely justified in bossing her around. She works as a journalist and writer in Chicago, as well as caring for little Theodore, aka Teddy, her 3 month old son. Megan enjoys waving her arms and legs, staring at the ceiling fan, and breastfeeding. Oh wait, that's Teddy… Megan enjoys trying to figure out what the hell it means to be someone's mother, daydreaming that the Fab Five would resurrect themselves to give her a makeover, and escaping the house for coffee and a treat. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Lincoln Square in the great city of Chicago, where they both agree that you should be allowed to let your dog poop on someone's lawn if they don't salt their sidewalks in winter. If only they had a dog.

Liz Joynt Sandberg
Liz Joynt Sandberg  is a jack of all trades who does not care so much for the second part of that aphorism. Residing in Chicago with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Sandberg works as a dance and performance artist, studies improvisation and comedy writing at iO and Second City, and regularly realizes that she didn’t take the dinner junk out of the freezer in time.  She spends most of her days negotiating, having adventures, and doing the mundane stuff of life with her daughter - often reminding her that imaginary friends are invisible to other children at the playground, and thus cannot monopolize valuable swing-real-estate. Her hobbies include gardening, half-off day at The Village Discount, a ridiculously early bedtime, and television (just like you, so shut it already). 

Amanda Motyka
Amanda Motyka is a housing provider by day and an undercover rebel writer at night. She likes spending the weekends with her man, her dog and a cold one.


Claire Bushey
Claire Bushey is a freelance journalist in Chicago, managing editor emeritus at Rebellious and That Drunk American Girl for an entire Greek island. 


Aaron Anderson
Aaron has worked in the web design field for more than 10 years primarily designing websites for fine art companies.