Martha Wainwright's 'Mama' a beautiful tribute to love, loss

Martha Wainwright -- Come Home to Mama (V2)

Rebellious Rating:

By Amanda Motyka

I am completely, utterly in love with this album. It is beautiful and moving, and I encourage you to at least bootleg it if you have commitment issues and do not want to buy it on iTunes. You will have an experience; you will come to a realization about the ebb and flow of life, about how Martha can write and sing about becoming a mother while losing her own mother. There is so much love and loss bottled up in this one album that it makes an almost unbearable listening session.

My hands-down favorite song is “Proserpina” with its simple piano and Martha’s clear voice. The haunting chorus urging, “Proserpina, go home to mother,” seems to be a call from Martha’s departed mother, Kate McGarrigle. McGarrigle is the author of the song, so it is no surprise that it sends chills down your spine as you play the eavesdropper on an intimate conversation. One thing is certain: Wainwright sure knows how to write. Her songs are personal and real. As the lyrics in “Can You Believe It?” say, “I really like the make-up sex/ It’s the only kind I ever get.” I am not sure I have the balls to write about make-up sex, but I am sure glad she does.

Overall, after listening to one disappointing release (see also the review for Bat for Lashes), I still feel like a victor for having listened to this album. Treat yourself. Come home to mama.

Blown away by:  “Proserpina,” “Can You Believe It?,” and “Everything Wrong”