Rebellious Music

By Amanda Motyka 

Amanda Motyka is a housing provider by day and an undercover rebel writer at night. She likes spending the weekends with her man, her dog and a cold one.

Chicago Summer Music Fests—the Femme Edition

By Amanda Motyka Summer in Chicago brings about a lot of shitty things: mosquitos, tourists, sunburns and humidity. But, it also ushers in day-drinking, thunderstorms, barbeques, and, last, but certainly not least, outdoor music festivals. Now, I’m not a big music fest person as I *hat..

All Hail Karen O

Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Mosquito (Interscope) Release Date: April 16 Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I worship at the altar of Karen O, so this review should have a huge BIASED watermark; however, if you listen to the new album releasing on April 16 and don’t like it, ..

What if Adele and Amy Winehouse had a baby?

Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes—Baby Caught the Bus (Vanguard Records- Release Date: May 21) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka Recently, while listening to Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes’ new album, "Baby Caught the Bus," I was..

STFU, Lena Dunham

Girls-Volume 1 Soundtrack (Fueled by Ramen Records) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka Anytime there is a girl who “speaks for her generation,” I have a tendency to hate her. Yes, I am judgmental, and, yes, I do still watch Girls on HBO, but,..

The better Knowles

Solange -- True (Terrible) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I am the older sister, and I was not any good at sports…or school. My sister got off easy. Could you imagine being Beyoncé’s younger sister? Ugh. Jay-Z and Blue Ivy overload. I ..

Best Female Albums of 2012

By Amanda Motyka I love lists. The end of the year is my favorite time to look at the “best of” the past 365 days. Lists and lists of who sung it best, who wrote it best, who acted best. Of course, I am more concerned with the musical aspect and have assembled a Top Five for yo..

Martha Wainwright's 'Mama' a beautiful tribute to love, loss

Martha Wainwright -- Come Home to Mama (V2) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I am completely, utterly in love with this album. It is beautiful and moving, and I encourage you to at least bootleg it if you have commitment issues and do not want to buy it on iTune..

Songs that make you go 'meh': 'Haunted Man' by Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes -- The Hunted Man (Capital Records) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka Did you ever go into something hoping it would be better than it was? I rarely do, because I am an eternal pessimist, but I tried with this album. I really, really did. But, it’..

Your new favorite tribute album: Ndegeocello's take on Nina Simone

Meshell Ndegeocello — Pour une ame souveraine "(For a sovereign soul): A Dedication to Nina Simone" (Naive records) Rebellious Rating: By Karen Hawkins I will admit to being a little nervous about this album before I heard it. Don't get me wrong: I loves me some Meshe..

A sneak peek at Tori Amos' new video

Amos' new album, "Gold Dust," is due in stores in October. Stay tuned for tour dates.....

A review of The xx's 'Coexist' in haiku

The xx—Coexist (Young Turks) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka Your voice makes me want A Xanax and a whiskey Romy Madley Croft. Grab your Kleenex and listen to: "Angels," "Sunset," "Swept Away" Catch them live (

Cat Power's 'Sun' a beautiful wreck

Cat Power—Sun (Matador) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I have seen Cat Power—Chan Marshall—each and every opportunity I get, and every time, she’s a complete mess. Guitar strings break. She begins songs and stops midstream to star..

Metric’s Fifth Time is a Charm(er)

Metric—Synthetica (Mom & Pop Records) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I have to fit in a disclaimer before I start the official review, and that is I feel you have to love an album whose opening lyric is “I’m as fucked up as they say.&r..

Songs for summer days: What's on your hot-weather playlist?

By Amanda Motyka Windows down or air conditioner blasting. Laying on the beach or drifting in a lazy river. Is there a soundtrack in your head while you go enjoy the summer? I’ve put a list together for you, but I’m wondering what your ideal playlist would be for these long, hot da..

Nona Hendryx gets down and gets political

Nona Hendryx—Mutatis Mutundis (Righteous Babe Records) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I like my funk with a side of politics. If you have the same craving, serve yourself up some of Nona Hendryx’s "Mutatis Mutundis." On her first album in about 20 ye..

Best Coast's 'The Only Place' is the sound of summer

Best Coast—The Only Place (Mexican Summer) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka When I was in high school, I drove an old Datsun but paid to have a pricey CD changer installed. Not practical, but critical as music could make you forget things you wanted to ..

Fiona Apple's 'The Idler Wheel' a balm for the broken-hearted

Fiona Apple—The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Drive of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (Epic Records) Release Date: June 19 Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka The last time I even thought about Fiona Apple was whe..