Love & Rebellion

The morning of Nov. 9, as I sobbed into my keyboard, one of my two cats positioned herself at my feet and meowed up at me, the same way she always does when she's hungry/lonely/dismayed about the state of the litter box/wants me to pet her...with my eyes.

As I gazed down at her, I took solace in the constancy of her catness. No matter who's president (still an open question), no matter what the future holds for us as country, she will still want to be fed/pampered/petted...from afar.

It is the same feeling of groundedness that I've gotten as I've read through this month's pieces: We have battles to fight, yes, and we have children to look after (whether we're sick or not), bodies to love, art to admire, arm wrestling to cheer.

Later this month, you'll read about the dates we have to go on and the sexy questions we need to have answered.

Love and Rebellion, these are just two of the things I'm committed to carrying forward through the next few months and years. Love and care for myself, and for others. And Rebellion, always Rebellion, against the rest.

As a reminder: I hope to see many of you at the Rebellious Magazine Anniversary Party on March 8. Let's celebrate another year of independent feminist media!

In Rebellion,

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Feminist Parenting: Is Mom Sick?

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The day I got this gig, I’d been suicidal for three days.

Karen Hawkins, editor of this mag and black superwoman from my journalism past, sent me a message asking if I’d like to write a monthly column in honor of her brother, Aaron. his blog site Uppity-Negro was one of the first on the internet


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