Rebellious Relationships

By Alicia Sowisdral

Alicia Sowisdral is a music lover, movie lover and book lover with a critical eye and a feminist heart. An  interdisciplinary artist and educator, when opportunities arise Alicia finds herself a writer, editor, performer, radio DJ, and cultural commentator, particularly on pop culture and the media. She blogs about such things at PopGoesAlicia and is a regular contributor at Love YA Lit.  

Five things

By Alicia Sowisdral The first five things I will do to get over you: 1. Make a Mixtape of songs that I love that remind me of you or us or whatever this is and was. I will listen to it over and over until they are just songs again. 2. Delete all your text messages and pictures from my ph..

Guest Post: Chicago comedian Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor is a writer, comedian and lady about town currently living in Chicago. Join her adventures on Twitter and Instagram @AnnieDillz ( By Annie Taylor For as long as I can remember – and I remember my third birthday party because I didn&..

Guest Post: Chicago comedian Monique Madrid

This month's guest post is Chicago comedian, Monique Madrid. She writes the blog ( where you can see more hilarious videos like the one embedded in this post. Follow her on Twitter @moniquemadrid or check out (http://moniquemadrid..

Happy birthday to me

By Alicia Sowisdral It’s November. November is my birthday month, and this year I’ll turn 34. Even though it isn’t until the very end of the month, I’ve already begun thinking about the next year of my life and reflecting on the past few. Since turning 30, I’ve..

Guest Post: Chicago comic Caitlin Bergh

I met Caitlin Bergh through The Feminine Comique ( and I immediately loved her honest, analytical humor that's often equally reflective and humiliating. She is doing amazing things to support emerging talent in Chicago — see her every second Thursday at (htt..

Bold moves

By Alicia Sowisdral I’ve been giving a lot of thought to being bold. It’s come up in the blogosphere. I am doing a reading series this month themed Bold Moves ( And I recently followed my crush into a private, employees-o..

Dating while feminist

By Alicia Sowisdral A few years ago I was lamenting over my love life – I think I had just broken up with my last serious boyfriend – and my friend Sabrina said to me, “You are a different kind of person living a different kind of life, and you’re going to have a diff..

Guest Post: 'Solo in the 2nd City' founder Carly Oishi

September is our first full-fledged month of posting, and we celebrate with our debut guest post with Carly Oishi, blogger, singer and all around awesome lady. She is the co-founder of Solo in the 2nd City, a blog about single living in Chicago. Here she shares her thoughts on this month's theme..

Happiness and Damien Jurado

By Alicia Sowisdral A few months ago, I saw Damien Jurado perform at Schuba’s. Jurado is one of my favorite songwriters, and I have missed many chances to see him live. It was a great show – Jurado and his bandmates were very at ease with the crowd and loosened up by technical di..