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Mile High Club

High-flying Editor-in-Chief Karen Hawkins just took a day job with four days a week of travel all over the country. These are her stories.

Forest for the Trees

Vered writes advice because Abby, Amy, Ann, Carolyn, Cary, and Prudence too often miss the mark for Gen-Xers and Millennials. She hopes to offer progressive, pragmatic advice that’s not out of touch with Rebellious readers, and maybe metaphorically take someone by the shoulders and shake them when they need it. Need some advice? Email Letters may be edited for clarity. No names will be published.

Inside Val's Brain

Musings on culture from Valerie Hawkins.


Welcome to Pluck. We think you’ve got what it takes.
We're Liz and Megan, best-friends to each other and mothers to Ida, age 2, and Teddy, 6 months, respectively. We're all about raising our kids without losing ourselves, with wine as a totally acceptable coping strategy. Nothing Fancy. Sometimes Funny. Always straight-up and open-minded dispatches from the motherland.

Rebellious Women in Poetry

"Rebellious Women in Poetry" is a monthly column produced by Jessica Dyer and Susan Yount for Rebellious Magazine for Women. Each month, the column will feature a single poet/poem the columnists deem fits the theme of “rebellion.” The sole purpose is to share with a wider audience poetry that empowers women across all differences. As rebellious women, we seek to create and support a space where we can share poems—our small rebellions with big messages—with a wider audience. We find rebelles in poetic form, in rhyme or not, in content, in experiment; we find rebelles in the way they live their lives and the ideas they hold dear, in the activism they work toward. Modeled after former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry” series, “Rebellious Women in Poetry” is made possible by rebellious women. All material is copy written by the authors.

Choosing Chicago

Rebellious Magazine intern Cheryl Wilson just moved to Chicago from New York City, and she couldn't be happier.

Rebel Street Style

"This is a street style blog, so here’s the plan: Every month I’ll be roaming the streets of Chicago, camera, notebook and business cards in tow, liable to stop anyone who catches my eye. I’ll ask you questions; talk to me. Tell me why fashion is important to you or why you’re wearing what you’re wearing. Then over the course of the next month, your picture and words will appear in this blog."

Rebellious Relationships

Alicia Sowisdral is a music lover, movie lover and book lover with a critical eye and a feminist heart. An  interdisciplinary artist and educator, when opportunities arise Alicia finds herself a writer, editor, performer, radio DJ, and cultural commentator, particularly on pop culture and the media. She blogs about such things at PopGoesAlicia and is a regular contributor at Love YA Lit.  

Rebelle in Chief

Resurrecting Rebellious one blog post, article and kick-ass profile at a time...