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By Claire Bushey
Claire Bushey is a freelance journalist in Chicago, a senior editor at Rebellious and That Drunk American Girl for an entire Greek island.

'A Killing in the Hills' not your typical murder mystery

By Books Editor Claire Bushey "A Killing in the Hills" handles violence differently than the typical murder mystery, where too frequently it seems the body is there just to give the detective something to do. The violence depicted in the new novel by Julia Keller is true to life in that i..

Chicago Public Library celebrates blue moon with fine amnesty

By Books Editor Claire Bushey I just had a $7 library fine erased, and you can, too. The Chicago Public Library, in honor of the blue moon that will occur on Friday, Aug. 31*, is waiving fines on overdue materials for all patrons from now until Sept. 7. It’s the first amnesty the l..

'Death at Woods Hole'

"Death at Woods Hole" is the fourth book in a mystery series featuring a female, Victorian-era grad student in sociology, Emily Cabot. In this adventure, Cabot leaves her usual haunts in Chicago to travel to Cape Cod and assist in marine biology research. When a man is found face down in a fish ..

Book reviews, Rebellious style

By Claire Bushey A couple years ago my friend Mandy was writing for the food blog at the Chicago-centric website Gaper’s Block, when she and I conceived of what I dubbed “The Happy Margarita Summer Project.” (

'The Last Romanov'

The book, written by Dora Levy Mossanen and published by Naperville-based Sourcebooks, describes the last years of the Romanovs, Russia’s doomed royal family. Darya is nanny to Alexei, the hemophiliac heir to the empire whom she loves like a son. She possesses uncanny powers to heal sickne..