What's Your Labor of Love?

This month, in honor of Labor Day, we explore the idea of work and  all its forms. Some of us have made volunteering our life's work. For others, it's art. And sometimes, we've discovered, working at something teaches us something new about ourselves. 


Tomato, Tomahto: Cooking as a labor of love

By Sarah Fentem I still remember the best meal of my life. I ate it during the summer of 2008, after an afternoon of sandbagging. (For those who don’t hail from the Midwestern flood plains, "sandbagging" is exactly what it sounds like — filling 40-pound bags full of sand to help..


Social justice is my labor of love

By Jessie Cunningham In my late 50s, early 60s, I have found time for my labor of love: social justice issues. When I was gainfully employed, I did not have time to be actively involved. But in 2001, I was placed on long-term disability. At first, I did the Susie homemaker thing, k..