What Are You Thankful For?

Our Rebelles are thankful for strength forged through financial troubles, strong and healthy relationships and the friends who encouraged them to keep on dancin'. We also challenge all of you to be a little Unthankful this year.


3 coworkers, a friend and a dance teacher: Counting my blessings

By M.L. Johnson I got engaged a couple of months ago. It was a stunningly romantic proposal on a beach at sunset. Despite discussions about marriage, I had no idea the proposal was coming, and my fiancé is very pleased that he was able to pull off a huge surprise. With the propos..


Be a little more unthankful

By Jessica Campbell Caveat Lector: Someone, somewhere, has problems more pressing than those outlined in the following. This essay will do jack all to ameliorate the condition of such a person and will, no doubt, sound like so much privileged whining to her—if she reads it, which she is p..


I am thankful for our financial struggles

By Bryn Huntpalmer My husband and I have been together for six years, and we have struggled financially the entire time. We have never been in danger of not having a place to live or food on our plates, but we have always been very aware of the money (or lack of) in our bank accounts. We..


I'm thankful for a fortunate life, caring friends & family

By Carly Oishi I’m thankful that no one is relying on me. I’m thankful I’m not responsible for someone else’s survival other than my own. I’m thankful I’m not forced to live in less than ideal locations or conditions, work at a job that underpays and take..