What We're Proud/Not-so-Proud Of

Gay Pride Month offers the perfect opportunity for all of us to reflect on what we’re proud of -- and not so proud of. From learning to be resourceful through a trip around the world, to uttering a sentence we regret years later, here are our answers to this month's central question. Photo credit: essygie. gay pride flag: rainbow

Closets are for clothes: I'm out, loud and proud

By Editor Karen Hawkins It’s a not-so-proud moment with a happy ending. It was 1999, and I was living in Milwaukee, working at my first job after college. I’d only recently come out and hadn’t really told anyone beyond my longtime friends, who, by the way, did not ev..


I still don't know why I said it

By Senior Editor Melanie Coffee It was 1998, I was a junior in college on an internship in your home state of Texas. A few of us went out for dinner, and the conversation turned to gay people and what we thought of them. I suspected you were a lesbian, but I didn’t know for ..


I'm empowering women through my writing

By Lisa Weidenfeld It was my idea for Rebellious' various writers to write about what we're proud of for our Pride theme. At the time I thought, this will be easy! I'm proud of many things. But then I realized I couldn't really narrow it down. I don't have a kid or a house or a kick-ass job...


I'm helping children in Nicaragua thrive

By M.L. Johnson A dozen years ago, when I was in a financial slump and trying to get my act together, I read one of Suze Orman's books about money management. One of her recommendations was that every month you give money to a charity, specifically a charity that does nothing for you. The th..


Traveling the world made me resourceful

By Senior Editor Claire Bushey When I was 26 I circumnavigated the globe (http://clairebushey.com/travel-clips.html) by myself. I paid for it by saving a quarter of my wages each week from my job as a reporter at newspapers in New Mexico and Ohio. (It helped that neither of the towns where I..


We keep on keepin' on

By Senior Writer Jessica Vealitzek Remember when we late Gen Xers (say, 1974 to 1982) were scorned by our generational elders for being spoiled, entitled and lazy slackers? And then remember how we graduated college and the world began throwing everything it had at us? Sept. 11, two..