Are you independent?

Independence Day begs the question: Just how independent are you? Writer Jessica Campbell offers a contrarian view on independence with the argument that "dependence is highly underrated." Karen Mesa describes how women "can decide to stop disappearing while we care for those we love." We hope you enjoy this month's musings on our central theme.


My journey to independence from the prison I helped create

By J. Monroe He wanted me more than anyone ever wanted me before. Wanted me so that it drove him crazy. He would sit for hours, even days waiting for me to come home. He would always let me know he was there, and that he was watching. In the beginning I told myself that it was good that som..


A Wedding Band and a Baby: Independence Killers? I Think Not.

By Karen Mesa When I was in my teens I had trouble envisioning my husband and children, but I had no trouble envisioning a life of independence. I wanted to have a career, my own home, my own life. I saw myself grown up and completely empowered, holding the reins of my life and driving it ..


The Virtues of Dependence

By Jessica Campbell Dependence is highly underrated. We do not celebrate it with a national holiday. We do not purchase self-help books about its attainment. We do not inculcate it in our children. In fact, we’re suspicious of it. Scornful, even. We view dependence as something to..