Where Have You Been?

A well-heeled woman (who doesn't love red sequins?) once said:
"There's no place like home."

And anyone who's traveled far from home can tell you there's nothing
like traveling to make you appreciate where you came from.

In our travel issue, we explore the theme of exploration and what
can happen when you boldly go. Our Rebelles will take us
everywhere from the land Down Unda to India to all 50 states.

So pack up your red shoes and join us on our journeys. And yes,
Toto, too.

Takin' this Rebellion around the world,


Recent Columns

Pluck Column

The one thing I'm not doing

Liz Joynt Sandberg
Wednesday, September 04, 2013
I realized that it was one – ONE measly thing, and suddenly I felt so much better. In another installment of “things I know but somehow hadn’t yet articulated for my own benefit”, I just pulled myself out of a months-long funk. Well, not me alone. My epiphany happened over a playground bench-coffee session with Megan. I was describing that thing where,   Read more 

My First Love

Karen Hawkins
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
I can't remember how old I was the first time I interviewed someone. Seven? Eight? The subject also remains fuzzy, but it was undoubtedly one of my grandparents, graciously answering my nosy questions with a feigned formality that made me feel, even then, like a real reporter. What I also can remember is the weight in my hands of that, by today's standards, massive tape   Read more 

Forest for the Trees Column

Thanks, BlogHer!

Vered Siegel
Sunday, July 28, 2013
Hello readers, I just wanted to put in a short thank-you to the amazing bloggers I met this weekend at BlogHer '13. I hope some of you enjoy what you see here at Forest for the Trees and the rest of Rebellious Magazine and make our little place on the web part of your regular reading. We learned that in order to be truly rebellious, we must speak our truth, be kind, and meet people where t  Read more 

Forest for the Trees Column

Hafizah Geter's 'paula'

Karen Hawkins
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
As a somewhat curmudgeonly 28-year-old, I’m not sure if I’m a Millennial, a Gen X'er or Y'er, or just lost between them all. I am a child of the 1990s, though, and so is this poem. I first heard “paula” in a hot room full of cold poets, the winter night drained from the sky long before. Geter made this poem ache like the 1990s made me ache -- it’s truly a co  Read more 

Inside Val's Brain Column

My ALA Day with Congressman John Lewis

Val Hawkins
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
The American Library Association (ALA) held its 2013 Annual Conference here in Chicago, June 27 - July 2, 2013. My ALA Day with Congressman John Lewis was Saturday, June 29, 2013! I was very excited about attending a session scheduled for Noon on the forgotten comic book, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story, and then most excited about hearing Congressman John Lewis speak at 3pm. S  Read more 

Choosing Chicago

Imaginary lunch: My first improv class at Second City

Karen Hawkins
Monday, April 29, 2013
By Cheryl Wilson I recently attended an improv class at Second City. My friend Madeline had been talking about how much fun she had at the drop-in classes (http://www.secondcity.com/training/chicago/coursecatalog/59/), and I impulsively volunteered to join her the next time she went to one. She sent me a message a few days later to make sure I was serious, and before I knew it, we were ag  Read more 

Rebellious Features

Mata Traders: Empowering Women Across the World

'We are unique in the mainstream apparel market because of our social mission, & we are unique in the fair trade community because we are stylish'  

Rebel Street Style

'Some people just don’t seem to try. It seems like every item in their closet is excellent, so whatever they throw together won’t just work, it’ll be brilliant'  

Recipe for Rebellion

'Perhaps I should branch out from cooking British meals, but their weirdness makes preparing them so enjoyable that I cannot help myself'  

Where Have You Been?

From Australia to India to the home of Nebraska's best vegan meatloaf, we explore the theme of exploration and what can happen when you boldly go  


Rebellious Music

Chicago Summer Music Fests—the Femme Edition

By Amanda Motyka Summer in Chicago brings about a lot of shitty things: mosquitos, tourists, sunburns and humidity. But, it also ushers in day-drinking, thunderstorms, barbeques, and, last, but certainly not least, outdoor music festivals. Now, I’m not a big music fest person as I *hat..

All Hail Karen O

Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Mosquito (Interscope) Release Date: April 16 Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka I worship at the altar of Karen O, so this review should have a huge BIASED watermark; however, if you listen to the new album releasing on April 16 and don’t like it, ..

What if Adele and Amy Winehouse had a baby?

Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes—Baby Caught the Bus (Vanguard Records- Release Date: May 21) Rebellious Rating: By Amanda Motyka Recently, while listening to Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes’ new album, "Baby Caught the Bus," I was..