There are some pretty exciting changes under way here at Rebellious Magazine, and we hope you’ll pardon our virtual dust as we go about sprucing up the place.

We’re four months into our Relaunch Year, and already we want to give you more: More of Chicago's most Rebellious articles, columns, essays and reviews and even more news and event coverage. You’ll hear more from our fabulous Rebelle writers, and we can’t wait to hear more from you!
As we march toward more, you may notice some changes to your regularly scheduled Rebellion. Don’t get up to re-adjust your antenna — it’s all us, not you.

You’ll see a gradual transformation over the coming weeks and months, and we can promise you that one thing won’t change: our commitment to being Undeniably Chicago and Unflinchingly Feminist.

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Newest Rebellions

Cosmetic Titans Hiss and Makeup in World Premiere Musical 'War Paint'

The Goodman Theatre production starring first ladies of theater Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole as Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden is a must-see for women of all ages.

Rebellious Political Essays: On Being With Her, With Bernie, With No One

Before Bernie backed Hillary, Hillary picked Kaine, and Melania plagiarized Michelle, we asked our Rebellious readers and contributors to tell us who they're supporting for president and why.

Rebellious Magazine Reading + After Party!


Join your favorite Rebelle writers for a rousing night of readings, Rebellions & refreshments.


Coming up at Women & Children First: Spiegel and Levy Explore Womanhood & Sexuality in Very Different Ways

Two authors with back-to-back readings at Women & Children First next week both explore womanhood and sexuality in very different ways.

I am the Personification of a Hate Crime, and I’m Voting for Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a vengeful Oompa Loompa with a hairpiece fashioned from a stale piece of Laffy Taffy he found under a park bench, is the only logical choice.

If Black Lives Really Matter, We Gotta Stop Hitting Repeat

I love America, but damn, these killings and the muted effort to change is gut-wrenching.

It feels like the country that my ancestors helped to build with blood, sweat and tears, the place that I call home and miss terribly now that I live in Norway, just doesn’t care about me or those who look like me.

First-Ever Soulful Chicago Book Fair a Gathering of the Griots


The July 16 fair, founded by Asadah Kirkland, will present a counter-narrative to Chicago’s violent reputation that’s perpetuated by the media, and it’ll do so in Woodlawn, a neighborhood known for high crime. That was by design.


Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight: Nurturing Young Rebelles

There are many programs throughout the city whose mission in one way or another is to help young girls become confident young women. If you believe in the power of being Rebellious—claiming your uniqueness and strength—use one of these opportunities to help a young rebelle come into her own.

Next Gen Rebelle: Taiylar Ball

Getting banned from her senior prom for her poem 'Dear Black Girls' isn't silencing her one bit

Review: Sarah Silverman & Friends Defile Civic Opera House with Comedy

Sarah Silverman and her hilarious friends closed out the 3rd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival with a foul-mouthed show at Chicago's Civic Opera House.

Photos/Review: Beach House, Carly Rae Jepsen top Pitchfork's Dreamy Day One

With amazing sets from Beach House, Carly Rae Jepsen and Julia Holter, Pitchfork Day 1 belonged to the ladies.

Dress for Success...on a Bike

Julie Hochstadter, the former director of online cycling forum, offers tips for dressing for work when commuting on your bike

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