The Great Outdoors

Thunder snow, 30-degree temperature swings and freak breaks of sunshine between what-just-happened eruptions of hail? Must be spring in Chicago.

Just in time for our most changeable season, we bring you this month’s theme, The Great Outdoors.

We introduce you to artist Louise LeBourgeois, whose large-scale oil-on-canvas works capture what the artist refers to as Lake Michigan's “different moods.”

"When I started painting images of water and sky, I was interested in the potential visual complexity contained within a pretty simple framework: sky, water, horizon."

We’ve also got a run-down of some of’s Chicago-area “outdoors and adventure" events that offer a little something for everyone, from backpackers to wannabe pilots.

Photographer Samantha Bailey takes us on a stroll through the Chicago Women's Park and Gardens, a hidden historical gem tucked away in the Prairie District.

We’ll find out what makes K. Sujata, CEO of the Chicago Foundation for Women, Rebellious.

And you won’t want to miss Rachel Berg Scherer's moving meditation on loss and motherhood.

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Newest Rebellions

I Took a Blind Date to the American Girl Place

Living in Chicago is something of a blessing when it comes to dating—it’s the culture capital of the Midwest. Admittedly, it’s not hard to be a culture capital of the Midwest (especially when the competition is the godless hippies of Minneapolis or the noted pervs of St. Louis) and the restaurants are some of the best in the world, if you ignore the cheese-laced laxative that passes for pizza in this city. Taking into account the amazing restaurants, bars, and museums that make up the Second City—I decided to take my date to the American Girl Place.

Kinzie Chophouse: Chicago's Female-Owned Steakhouse

Grab a group of girlfriends, get a bottle of wine or a craft cocktail from their seasonal menu, and tackle a 48-oz. Porterhouse at Chicago’s only female-owned steakhouse.

May 20, 2016: Rebellious Magazine's Red and Wild Feminist Prom!

Come celebrate prom season with us the feisty feminist way! It's time to get a little freaky with your fellow feminists. Support independent media and independent women. Wear your dancing shoes and prom finery. May 20, from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Inaugural Chicago Feminist Film Festival

“There are so many underrepresented people in mainstream cinema. [And here] they have a public space where these communities can come together around film.”

Chicago Women's Park and Gardens Photo Essay

"Opened to the public in 2000, Chicago Women’s Park and Gardens honors the contributions that women have made to the city throughout its history."

See what else the Chicago Park District has to say here.

I’m starting to forget some of my babies

I’m starting to forget some of my babies. I promised myself I never would, but as the years go by, their memories fade away. But I will always remember each time I had to say goodbye.—Where outdoor adventures and friends await

With more than 50 groups listed under “outdoors and adventure” in the Chicago area, is a great place for lovers of the outdoors to find like-minded individuals, as well as unique outdoor activities.

Artist Louise LeBourgeois captures the 'infinite moods' of Lake Michigan

Louise LeBourgeois has lived near Lake Michigan—in Hyde Park and Rogers Park—for 30 years. It’s fitting, then, that the lake has become an important focal point in her work as a visual artist.

Rebelle Organization of the Month: Chicago Foundation for Women

What Makes Chicago Foundation For Women's K. Sujata Rebellious?

Q&A with Roseanna Ander, founding executive director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab and Urban Education Lab

Roseanna Ander, the founding executive director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab and Urban Education Lab , has dedicated her life to solving problems related to poverty and urban violence. She’s also my cousin. We sat down to chat about her work, what inspires her and her freakishly high energy.

40 Albums/Songs Every Woman Should Own

A certain someone who shall remain nameless (cough, cough, Karen!), turned 40 recently and dared ask the question, “What 40 albums by female artists should every self-respecting lady own?” Not being one to shy away from a challenge, I humbly suggest these 40 songs and/or albums all touched by a femme for your listening pleasure. 

Self Care on the Cheap: Date Yourself

Self-care is a semi-trendy phrase lately, especially in internet feminist circles (See: Tumblr). It’s a broad term for a pretty straightforward idea: taking care of yourself. But just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean it’s easy, particularly if you haven’t been taking care of yourself in a long time and don’t really know what it feels like or where to start.



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