GTFO, 2016

And stay out.

You took a slew of people who meant the world to us, you made Brexit a household name/nightmare in America, and that sh*t you pulled on Nov. 8? Unforgivable.

No, 2016, can't say I'm sorry to see go, but I'll leave it to these witty British sisters to say it so much better than I could.
The best part of 2016? Relaunching Rebellious, of course, and reconnecting with all of you. We got the band back together, we reunited and it feels so good, we are showing every day that women's voices matter, and feminism isn't dead.
This month, we'll take a good-parts-version look at 2016 with roundups of our Rebelles of the Month, our favorite books and music. We also chart new territory this month with Katie Morell's new "Body Love" column, a personal and powerful look at the body positivity movement. Hells yes.

We've also got our unique feminist perspective on the city's must-see shows, including "Art AIDS America Chicago," and more. And stay tuned for pieces aimed at keeping you outraged about the Election.

Finally, please join us on Dec. 9 for the Sparkle and Shine Holiday Mixer, a celebration of women-powered businesses in Chicago. We're proud to co-host with three fantastic partners: Velvetstyle, liftUPlift and brrrilliant.

In Rebellion,

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Newest Rebellions

'Art AIDS America Chicago' Showcases Diverse Array of Artists

To transform tragedy into triumph through art, the grant-writing private Alphawood Foundation transformed a former bank into exhibition space through April 2, 2017. This is the only Midwest venue for the show, which is an extension of the national touring exhibition “Art AIDS America,” originally organized by Tacoma Art Museum in partnership with The Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Beauty Rebelle

All You Knit is Love: Native Chicagoan Kristin Ceddia has launched a luxury hat/scarf collection entitled LoveKnitz. The hats are 100 percent cashmere, and the scarves are 50 percent cashmere and 50 percent wool.



Body Love: My Journey

Katie Morell
Welcome to "Body Love," a monthly column where I will interview inspiring women active in the body positivity movement. They will help answer questions about why many of us we feel the way we do about our bodies, how we can change those feelings for the better and look at ourselves with more compassion, acceptance and love. While several of the stories here may pull at your heartstrings, the idea of this column is not to be negative, but to be honest.

Laura Jane Grace's Memoir 'Tranny' Depicts How Pain Becomes Art

'Tranny' is an honest and brutal testament to what happens when you live in a cloud of self-hate — thus, the title.

'13th' is a Compelling History Lesson in American Enslavement and Incarceration

Over the course of Ava Duvernay's documentary, it becomes clear, for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, that the American descendants of enslaved Africans were never meant to surpass their ancestors’ non-citizen status.

Sad13 Presents a Night of Empowerment at Chicago's Beat Kitchen

Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis stopped by Chicago's Beat Kitchen for an empowering performance with her new solo project Sad13.

Rebellious Gift Guide 2016

Rebellious Gift Guide

We're excited to share gift ideas for the feminist on your list from some of our favorite women-owned and feminist-friendly Chicago shops. From lipstick that will rock her world (wink) to technology tips & tricks, we've got a little sumthin' sumthin' for everyone. Happy shopping!


Rebelle Event of the Holiday Shopping Season: #WOWDay

"Women-Owned Wednesday (“WOW”) makes it easy to leverage your holiday spending to celebrate and accelerate women building businesses."

In 'Scriptorium,' Melissa Range's Poetry Depicts Doubt and Devotion

Melissa Range's poetry collection "Scriptorium" should be read by fellow word lovers. It should also be read by those who wrestle with ideas, family, faith, (or perhaps anything one feels an obligation to), because it so well depicts how beauty is found in the struggle.

End of 2016 Feminist To-Do List: It's On, America

  • Stop crying uncontrollably
  • Decide if "America's Racist Uncle" is the best way to refer to the new president-elect on the site
  • Plan Oprah/Gayle-style road trip to the Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21, 2017. Who's in?

Photos/Review: For the Love of Liz Phair

Visual and written evidence, inspired by an April 14 performance at Chicago's Civic Opera House, that Liz Phair is the coolest chick in the music business

#IGuessImWithHer: Voting Angry as Self-Care


I voted early last week wearing a Black Panther hoodie and a scowl. the voting official gave me my “I Voted Today!” sticker, and I resisted the urge to yell how dirty I felt or how pissed I was to other black folks still waiting in line, but I’m fairly certain they could see it on my face. cause I can.




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